Meet Libbie!

Libbie has known us for a long time-since even before we moved our office to Mayfield Heights.  Libbie received this from our office in March, and immediately contacted us to see if she was a candidate.  We met with Libbie shortly after to discuss her particular smile concerns. For the most part, she didn’t like how crooked her four front teeth had gotten over the years.

Take a look at her photos. You can easily see that her top four teeth were not in a straight line and those were the teeth she was most wanted to straighten. Libbie was happy to learn that Dr. Fryer offered an easy way to quickly straighten just those teeth-the Inman Aligner. The Imnan Aligner is a removable appliance that was created for people just like Libbie. She didn’t want or need brackets and wires to accomplish her goal-she just wanted something that could quickly and easily fix her few problem teeth.

Here are Libbie’s before photos.


And here are Libbie’s after photos. We are really pleased with how straight her front teeth are now-and so is Libbie!