The landscape of dentistry is really changing. More procedures can be done digitally now than ever before.

We here at Kevin W. Fryer DDS Inc in Mayfield Heights love digital dentistry!

What does that mean for you?

  1. No Messy Impressions
  2. Accurate and Reliable Dentistry
  3. Less Dental Visits

Here’s an example. Nate came to us because he wanted to whiten his teeth. In the past, we used to have to take full mouth goopy impression of his teeth. Then we would use that impression to build a stone model of his teeth. Once the model was built, we would fabricate his take home whitening tray. Sometimes that original impression would have to be retaken. Sometimes the stone model would break and we would have to remake that with a new impression.

But all of that is in the past!

We now take a digital scan of the patient’s teeth and have the model printed with a 3D printer! How cool is that? We LOVE that we can make the process so much easier for the patient. Because it’s all digital and highly accurate, we do not have to worry about the same errors we had with the old method.

Now we simply scan patients…

and print out their models with a 3D printer!

Here’s Nate getting his whitening trays that we made from his 3D printed models.

Very cool! Very nice!