Have you ever met a woman with such a magnetic personality that the entire room lights up when she enters? Well, we have, and her name is Amber!

Amber is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. She has a contagious laugh and every time she’s here, she’s got all of us smiling and laughing. Truth be told, we’d love to have her visit us everyday. Did you hear that Amber? You can come hang out here whenever you want!

Earlier this year, Amber came to us because she didn’t like her crowded upper teeth.








She also still had a decayed baby tooth on the top that was forcing the adult tooth to stay behind it. You can see that tooth here. See it there? To the left of the middle?








Here’s another view of that decayed baby tooth.

Amber Pre-Op 2






Needless to say, Amber wanted that baby tooth gone! Lucky for her, she came to the right place! Not only could we remove that baby tooth, move the permanent tooth forward, and straighten them up, but we could do it quickly and affordably, which is exactly what Amber needed because she was engaged and wanted to have her smile camera ready for her wedding.

We started PowerProx Six Month Braces on Amber in early spring. We removed that baby tooth on the same day we put her brackets on. Here’s what that area looked like after the tooth was gone.









Our PowerProx patients are seen about once a month during their treatment.

Here’s a pic we took in the summer. Whoa! Look at where that permanent tooth is now! It’s almost where it’s supposed to be!









It’s now fall, and Amber just finished her orthodontic treatment with our office. Her total treatment time was about 8 months. We couldn’t be happier with the results!







Let’s look at some of these before and after pics again.




Looks like someone is camera ready now! Congratulations and well wishes to the beautiful bride and groom!