We live in a digital world. Dentistry has greatly changed in recent years to include digital services. No one understands the benefits of digital dentistry better than our team. Digital dentistry means that many dental services can be completed with computerized scanning-no messy impressions needed-and that some treatment can be completed in one visit. Doesn’t that sound nice?

We incorporated digital dentistry into our practice more than 10 years ago when we first started scanning for same day crowns. As digital technology expanded in dentistry, so did our digital services. We didn’t want to be the “old school” office that was afraid of technology. We ran towards it. Head first.

Digital Patient Photos

Today, our practice not only still offers same day crowns, but we can also complete an entire orthodontic case without taking a single messy impression. We can create an oral appliance that can replace a CPAP machine to improve  sleep and whole body health by taking a 3D image and then taking some digital images of the mouth. We can replace entire teeth with dental implants in the same way.

It’s incredible technology. Dentistry has never been more patient friendly or more accurate.

We live in modern times. Your dentistry should be just as modern.