Gum treatment, also called a deep cleaning, is when we clean build up tartar from under your gums. This tartar buildup causes inflamed and bleeding gums, bad breath, bone loss, and gum disease.

How does tartar get there? It starts out as plaque, a soft buildup, that can be brushed and flossed off. If plaque is not removed it hardens and become tartar which can not be brushed and flossed off. Plaque and tartar are both full of bacteria. Essentially tartar acts as a splinter underneath your gums, continually irritating and eventually infected your gums. This infection can not only affect your mouth but also your overall health. The are links between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and osteoporosis. The gum and bone around your teeth is the foundation for your mouth so keeping it healthy is very important. This is a very serious disease that we can treat and maintain.

Gum disease is diagnosed by measuring your gums and by looking at your x-rays. Your hygienist will measure your gums and called out those measurement readings that range from 1-10.  If any of those numbers are 4 or higher, that is an indication of inflammation or gum disease. We then look at your x-rays and confirm when we see built up tartar and even possible bone loss starting.

The treatment is a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning consists of two appointments, one for the right side of your mouth and one for the left. We make those areas numb and then use a special instrument with water to remove all of the tartar from under your gums. We then show you proper brushing and flossing techniques. We want see you for regular cleaning appointments to help prevent this from building back up again along with your help at home. Our goal is to see firm, pink healthy gums with little to no bleeding and to see those gum pockets go down in number.

As long as we can maintain a healthy foundation we can help keep the rest of you and your mouth healthy!