Here at Dr. Fryer’s dental office, we believe in offering the latest in digital technology to make your visit as comfortable and efficient as possible.

By offering CEREC technology, we can create most dental crowns in our office in one visit!

What is a crown?

Most people know what a filling is, right? If decay is small enough, filling material is used to fill the hole once the decay is removed. However, when the area of decay is too large for just a filling, a dental crown should be made. Some people call crowns, “caps”. A crown completely covers the remaining part of the tooth once the decay has been removed.

We used to make crowns by taking messy impressions and sending those to a dental lab so they could make the crown. That method is old and outdated. Dr. Fryer is able to take digital images (pictures!) instead of those goopy impressions. He is one of the few doctors in the Cleveland area who offer this same day technology. With CEREC, we can make most of our crowns in the office in one visit!

Patients LOVE not needing to have those impressions taken and really appreciate having their crown completed in one visit!

Do you want your crown made in one appointment? Contact us today!

Check out this video that shows how it’s done!