Kim contacted Dr. Fryer last year because she wanted to straighten her smile.

She told us that she had been thinking about fixing her teeth for years, but was never able to do it.














At her initial consultation, Kim said she was interested in Powerprox Six Month Braces. Dr. Fryer agreed that this orthodontic technique would be the best option because it would give her the results she wanted in less than a year. Kim was really happy because she could finally get the smile she always wanted.

During Kim’s treatment, we learned a lot about her. We found out that she was originally from the Bronx. She told us that she was engaged to be married, but did not want to set a date until she had straight teeth. In addition, we learned that she was a waitress who saved up all her tip money to straighten her teeth. How’s that for hard work and determination? We were impressed!

Throughout her visits, we noticed that Kim was REALLY paying attention to the Powerprox process. She was starting to take a special interest in dentistry, so much that she is now one of our employees!

She’s also ready to set that wedding date!

Here is Kim today. Take a look at the beautiful results!














That is one lovely smile, isn’t it?