For many reasons, Kathleen is truly remarkable.

Here’s her story.

As a young girl, Kathleen did not like her crooked teeth, but her parents could not to afford to get her braces.

As a young adult, Kathleen became a single mom who took care of everyone and everything before taking care of herself.

The years ticked by and we were lucky to meet Kathleen in May of 2015. She was finally ready and able to give herself the smile she always wanted. Her life now included a wonderful job as an occupational therapist, the start of grandchildren, and the means to work on herself!

Here was Kathleen’s smile when we first met her. She was REALLY excited that day to begin her Powerprox Six Month Braces with us, can’t you tell?!

Kathleen’s treatment took about 9 months and recently we removed her braces.

Here is her smile today!


This is one of those cases where the whole office got a little teary the day we took her braces off. We could NOT have been happier for her! We think Kathleen said, “Wow” about 85 times that day!

We are so honored to know someone who has faced difficulties in life and has persevered. Kathleen is proof that good things come to good people who work hard!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!