We met Ricarda less than a month ago because she wanted to change her smile. In her before photos, you can clearly see the discoloration of her front teeth along with the tooth shape discrepancy. With plans to be an actress one day, it was important for her to have a more even colored and balanced smile.
Also, with a trip to Germany scheduled in July, it was crucial that we finish her treatment as soon as possible.  It’s a good thing she came to Dr. Fryer because he offers many quick solutions to improve a smile!

Take a look at these before photos. In the close up shot, you can easily see the white discoloration and the differences in tooth shapes.


Dr. Fryer and Ricarda decided that doing some veneers on her front four teeth would accomplish her original objectives and would allow her to be done in less than a month.
Check out her beautiful after photos! We were able to fix her smile in a short time and now she is ready for her close up!


We should have gotten her autograph!