Ivan initially came to us because he wanted a straighter smile.


Here’s a closer look at Ivan’s smile. See how his top teeth almost completely cover his bottom ones when he closes his teeth together? That’s called a deep bite. Most deep bite patients don’t like the way their front teeth look. Not only is it an aesthetic issue, but a deep bite can cause other problems. Over time, patients with deep bites can experience chipping, TMJ concerns and abnormal wear of their teeth. Dr. Fryer knew just what to do to correct that in addition to making everything nice and straight.

Ivan started Powerprox Six Month Braces with our office and he recently completed treatment. Here is Ivan today! Look at how great his smile looks now!


Do you still see that deep bite? Nope! It’s gone! His bite has been corrected to where it should be.


We are really pleased with how Ivan’s smile turned out!







UPDATE! We have a great update to Ivan’s case!

After Ivan’s orthodontics were completed, we also did some teeth whitening and bonding to really give him the BEST smile possible. Take a look at his smile now! Just when we thought it couldn’t get much better-it did! Dr. Fryer does great work!