Today was a beautiful day.

Today was the day we finished Kelsey’s Six Month Braces treatment and removed her braces. Her results were so amazing that many of us here got a little teary-including Dr. Fryer!

For years, Kelsey thought about straightening her teeth. Although most of her teeth were pretty crowded, she especially did not like the position of her top canine teeth.

Kelsey came to Dr. Fryer’s Mayfield Heights office last year and to discuss PowerProx Six Month Braces. She was surprised to learn that she could GREATLY improve her smile in about a year. Kelsey was eager to get started.

Kelsey turned out to be a FANTASTIC orthodontic patient. She never missed an appointment and took excellent care of her teeth and gums while she wore the braces. This young lady did all the right things which allowed her orthodontic treatment to turn out so nicely.

We are so proud of Kelsey and her new smile!

This is a day to remember!

From this…




To this…




Keep smiling Kelsey! The world is yours!