Invisalign Instructions

1. Invisalign ONLY works when you are wearing them. We recommend you wear your aligners FULL TIME, day and night. Always remember to remove the aligners before eating. Place them in your blue tray case for safe keeping. After eating, brush your teeth and floss, rinse the liners with cool water and place back in mouth.

2. The aligners are tight and can cause some pressure on the teeth that will cause some minor discomfort. We recommend ibuprofen (Advil) to help with any discomfort. 

3. Wear each aligner for a MINIMUM of two weeks, or as directed by the doctor. It is very important that you never go to the next aligner in less then the directed time. 

4. If you miss some days for any reason, pick up where you left off and wear the aligners for a full 14 day MINIMUM. Call the office to let us know.

5. Remember practice makes perfect so practice taking your aligners in and out. It will be a breeze after a few days. To remove the Aligners always use your index finger and remove the aligner from the inside molar area. 

6. When inserting, gently push the aligners over your front teeth. Then, apply pressure to the tops of the left and right molars until they snap into place. DO NOT bite your aligners into place.

7. Make sure you have the proper aligner. U for upper and L for lower in the proper number sequence. They are labeled very small on each aligner.

8. You can use toothpaste or retainer bright in the Aligners to clean them but never Denture cleaner. 

9. Remember to put in your next series of Aligners on their due date marked. Always place a new Aligner at night so that you have uninterrupted wear time.

10. Always place the aligners in the cases provided. Never place aligners in napkins or any other case. Never place in a pocket that can be sat on. NEVER discard any old aligners. Always bring all of your aligners to your orthodontic visit. 

11. If you lose an aligner, call your doctor right away and wear the previous aligner if available.

12. Please watch the video below for more information!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!