This was such a great case because it involved so many cool aspects of dentistry: Invisalign, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implant, and Veneers!

Allow us to explain…

Ultimately, the patient was interested in getting veneers on her front teeth. She had some old fillings on her front teeth that you can see in the close up photo.

However, before we could do that, we had to address some other concerns. First of all, the patient had a baby tooth well into adulthood because the adult tooth never formed. That baby tooth had to be removed and space had to be created to make a proper sized dental implant. In order to create the space, we had had to do Invisalign treatment so that we could move her teeth in the right place and so an adult sized dental implant could be placed. This patient sailed through Invisalign treatment. She was great at consistently wearing her aligners because she knew we were working towards a major goal. Once her teeth were straightened with Invisalign, she whitening them. The whitening was important because we could even out her tooth coloring and then her final veneers could be better color matched with her existing teeth. Then, she visited the oral surgeon for her baby tooth extraction and implant placement. After the implant was healed, she came back to Dr. Fryer to have not only the implant crown placed, but to also veneer the rest of her front teeth at the same time.

The whole process took over a year, but in the end, the patient was left with a beautiful smile and a new lease on life!

We are so proud of all her efforts and the end result!