Traditional Denture

A Traditional Denture is a patient removable denture.

  • Treatment time is approx 2-6 months
  • Palate is covered for upper denture
  • May require adhesive
  • Patient removes the denture nightly for proper cleaning.
  • Can be converted to a Locator Denture or Fixed Denture
  • Most cost effective

Removable dentures have been the traditional and most affordable denture option for years. But even with material and construction advances in recent years, dentures can still lose their t over time as the bone in the jaw shrinks. This happens because the bone no longer has the stimulus of natural teeth and older cells can’t be replenished at a healthy rate; the continuing compression of traditional dentures on the jaw’s bony ridges compounds the problem.

Locator Denture

Four implants are placed and a denture is specially made to snap into those implants.

  • Treatment time is approximately 3-9 months
  • Palate is not covered
  • Better retention than a Traditional Denture.
  • No adhesive necessary.
  • Patient can unsnap this denture nightly for proper cleaning

With this appliance, a few implants are strategically installed in the upper or lower jaw, or both arches, if necessary. Matched attachments securely fasten the denture to the implants. In this case, the implants, not the jaw ridge and gums support the denture thereby preserving the bone.

Fixed Denture

Four to six implants are placed and a denture is made to permanently attach to the implants.

  • Treatment time is approximately 3-9 months
  • Palate is not covered
  • Best retention of all denture options.
  • Once a year, the doctor will remove this denture for proper cleaning
  • Care for in very much the same way as a set of natural teeth.
  • No adhesive needed.
  • Most like having your own teeth

A high-tech alternative to traditional dentures, a fixed denture creates a comfortable and stable full set of upper and/or lower teeth using four to six strategically placed specialized dental implants. This option provides a fixed and permanent method of re-establishing a complete set of teeth. This gives patients the sense of having their own teeth and offers an improved quality of life as they can once again eat and speak with confidence.