If you haven’t heard of the Inman Aligner, it’s because Dr. Fryer is one of the only dentists in the Cleveland area who offers it. The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that gently moves crooked front teeth into a straight smile. It is the easiest orthodontic solution for adults who just have a little bit of crowding with their front four teeth.

Simply put, not every patient with crooked teeth needs full braces. For those who just need a little bit of movement on their front teeth, the Inman Aligner is an easy and quick option.

Here’s Rachel.

Notice that her upper front teeth are pretty straight. It wasn’t her upper teeth that bothered her.¬†Rachel wanted to straighten her lower teeth.




The Inman Aligner was the PERFECT orthodontic option for Rachel because it’s only job is to straighten the front four teeth on the top or bottom. Here’s what the Inman Aligner looks like.


In just a few short months, Rachel’s lower teeth moved into position. Take a look!


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