We strive to be a modern and streamlined dental practice.

We are always evaluating our systems to

see if there are things that we can improve upon. Recently, Denise, one of our most organized assistants, and Missy decided that our inventory and ordering system was antiquated and lacking. They found a great company, Zen Supplies, that would allow them to order in a more modern and systematic way. They spent a few months working with Zen and reorganizing every last dental material in the office in order to use this new system.

They are now ready to teach this new system to the rest of the team. Today, Denise is leading our office in-service meeting. She is taking our team through each step of this new process and explaining their new role in it.

I really love having a team filled with talented people and smart people who I can trust to take ownership over different office systems. It’s a great feeling when everyone on the team understands the practice vision and works WITH the business-not against it.