Jason has been seeing Dr. Fryer for 20 years! That’s a long time! We appreciate patients who return to us year after year and always want to keep them happy. So, when Jason said he was interested in straightening his teeth-we jumped at the chance to help him out.¬†Jason was mostly concerned with his lower teeth. Although it’s difficult to see in the photo, he had a lower tooth that was really out of place. It was actually sticking up much higher than his other lower teeth.

Take a look.









































Jason was diligent about wearing his clear, removable, Invisalign aligners. We recently finished his treatment. Look at how great everything lines up now. That lower tooth is no longer a problem! Pictures really do say a thousand words here, don’t they?









































We appreciate the trust that Jason has put into our practice over the years. We never take that relationship for granted! Here’s to another 20 years of good dental visits!