Morgan is a fan favorite around here!

Not only did Dr. Fryer give her a BRAND new Invisalign smile in 6 months, she did it all while being busy with things like dance and cross country. Do you know what the most remarkable thing is about Morgan? She is just 14 years old! Morgan is proof that anyone, at any age, can change their smile all while maintaining a busy life style. Take a look at Morgan’s BEFORE photos. Notice the spaces between her teeth. You can also see how some of her teeth are rotated. 


We used our digital technology and scanned Morgan for her clear straightening aligners in May. We received her aligners a few weeks later and Morgan began wearing them immediately. You know how we can tell that Morgan was a great Invisalign patient? Well, take a look. Results DO happen quickly with Invisalign, as long as the patient is wearing the aligners all day (except when eating) and at night. Looks like Morgan never skipped a day! In about 6 months she got a straight and beautiful smile. We are so happy for her! The spaces are closed. The upper and lower teeth have a beautiful arc to them. Her smile could not be better.

Nice job Morgan! You have a lot to smile about!