Nancy is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. We’ve known her for a long time. Last year, she told us that she was finally ready to straighten her smile. Here’s Nancy!











These photos of her top and bottom teeth really tell the story.




























Nancy and Dr. Fryer discussed her orthodontic options. They came to the conclusion that Invisalign would be the best way to straighten Nancy’s teeth. The Invisalign process is quite simple. Dr. Fryer’s office is an all digital office, so to begin the process, digital impressions (not physical, messy impressions) and digital photos are taken. All of that information is sent to the Invisalign company and about 2 weeks later, they send a series of the patient’s aligners back to the office. Those aligners are thin and clear and each one is shaped a little differently than the next. It’s those changes in shape that allow the teeth to move. All that the patient has to do is stop in for a quick visit about every 4-6 weeks and switch to new aligners every 2 weeks. As long as the patient is consistently wearing the aligners everyday, the teeth will move into position!

Towards the end of treatment, Nancy took a new job and moved out of state. Because the Invisalign process is so simple, this was not a problem! She was able to continue wearing her aligners and change them out independently. Nancy did come back to Ohio a few times, so we we were able to see her on during our Saturday hours and finish things up.

Notice the more confident after smile on Nancy’s face. We LOVE it!

We love how things turned out! The only thing we didn’t like was losing Nancy to another state!

Come back and visit us anytime, Nancy!