Shayna is a patient who came to see Dr. Fryer in Mayfield Heights with a strong desire to improve her smile.

Addressing the crowding of her teeth were the most important to Shayna. She expressed to Dr. Fryer that she had been contemplating straightening her teeth for a few years, but was just waiting for the right time and right orthodontic option.

Here are some of her before photos.



After listening to Shayna’s concerns, Dr. Fryer recommended Invisalign’s clear aligner system as the right option to straighten her teeth. He explained that the trays were to be worn all the time, except while eating or drinking anything but water. Her treatment would also require some short office visits where he could check progress and give her new aligner trays.

Shayna was a great patient! She had no problem following the Invisalign instructions. In a year, Shayna’s new smile was complete! She could not be happier with the results. We’re pretty happy, too!

Here are her after photos!




Job well done Shayna and Dr. Fryer!