Say hello to Erin!



Erin came to see Dr. Fryer at his Mayfield Heights office because she hated the way her lower tooth was not in line with the others. Although you can see it in the photo, it was much more obvious in person.

For a simple orthodontic fix like this, Dr. Fryer recommended the Inman Aligner. This is the exact reason why the Inman Aligner was invented! It’s job is to straighten just a few teeth in the front. It’s the best choice for a quick orthodontic fix and because it’s removable and works in a couple of months, it’s pretty easy on the patient, too.

Here is Erin’s final photo. Take a look at that beautiful arch now! Those lower teeth are all lined up where they are supposed to be and Erin is happy to have the smile she’s always wanted.

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