Dentistry is really changing.
Lucky for you, Dr. Fryer loves those advancements in dentistry!
Although some offices cannot adapt to those changes, rest assured that we are constantly learning more and doing more for YOUR comfort and ease.

Many of you know that Dr. Fryer has had CEREC technology, the ability to make crowns in a single visit, for about 10 years. With that technique, we are able to make a full crown to cover a broken down tooth without taking a full mouth, messy, and uncomfortable impression.

What you may not know, is that because of a recent upgrade to CEREC OMNICAM, we are able to do MORE procedures without impressions! How would you like to complete Invisalign treatment WITHOUT a single impression? Dr. Fryer is one of the ONLY Invisalign doctors in all of Cleveland that can take digital impressions for aligners. The traditional method is to take a series of impressions with goopy impression material to obtain records. That old method is outdated, messy, and uncomfortable for the patient. With CEREC OMNICAM, Dr. Fryer only has to scan your teeth with a camera-no impressions necessary!

The future of dentistry is HERE and we are really excited to be able to offer it to our patients.