Dr. Fryer became Tyler’s dentist back in 2005 when Tyler was only 7 years old. Today, he’s an old man at 18 and just graduated from high school.

This past December, Tyler told us that he wanted to close the gap between his two front teeth. He mentioned that he had been thinking about it for a year, but didn’t really want to ever wear metal braces. We told him about Powerprox Six Month Braces and explained that although they are braces, they are clear and not very noticeable. In addition to being clear, most patients only wear them for about 6 months.

Tyler (and his mom!) decided that Powerprox Six Month Braces would be a great fit for him. He could close the gap in the front and be done with treatment before he went off to Ohio University that upcoming fall.

Here is what Tyler looked like in December 2015.



Tyler’s treatment actually took slightly less than 6 months. We were able to close his gap and give him the smile he wanted. His results could not have been better! Take a look at Tyler now!

We want to wish him the best as he begins his college career. It’s been fun watching him grow up over the years-from 7 year old, to teenager, and now onto adulthood!