This is one of those cases that REALLY warms our hearts.

Meet Zach!

Zach is a really nice guy who came to us last year because he knew he needed some dental care. Not only did we have some teeth to fix, but Zach was also bothered by his crooked and crowded teeth. Here are some before photos.

So, we talked to Zach about the dental treatment that he needed and what his dental goals were. We designed a dental treatment plan with Zach and got started.

Once this teeth and gums were healthy, Dr. Fryer started straightening his teeth with Invisalign. Zach was a REALLY good patient throughout everything.

Here’s the thing. We can do some great dentistry on people, but they have to do their part, too. Patients have to maintain any gum treatments with lots of flossing at home and additional cleanings to help prevent any further issues. As far as the Invisalign home care, the most important thing to do is TO WEAR THE TRAYS and to come to all appointments to check progress.

By looking at his after photos, you can tell that Zach followed instructions perfectly!

We are so proud Zach and how he has changed his life by changing his smile!